I had a Slip

I have always preached that I will always be honest with you, sometimes painfully honest. So here it is, the painful part.

I had a slip this week. Some of you might think it’s no big deal, and tell me to just move on, some may be disappointed in me. All I know is I need to come clean with all of you, and I want to use this as a teacher, not a step down that slippery slope. I only know secrets exacerbate problems, instead of fixing them. But here’s what happened.

I had ordered some special Swedish treats from an internet site, that I order from every years. I got my Bondoast Cheese, some Lingonberries, and some Swedish Chocolates. I got the ones that were individual wrapped, thinking I could eat one or two, count the calories, and have a little treat once in a while. I put them in the freezer outside in my garage.

All was well, until the other night when I was thinking about those chocolates. I couldn’t get them off my mind.

I went out to the garage on a cold night, and what was intended to grab a couple of them, I grabbed the whole bag.

I had my 3 chocolates (120 calories) then 3 more, 3 more….soon the bag was gone and I was hiding wrappers. I then fell into a sugar coma, falling asleep for short times, with incredible pain in my belly. I planned on keeping this secret to my grave. Then getting back on track the next day. But fear crept in, i knew I needed to come clean. I knew I had to deal with this head on, secrets like this for me become infested, growing, instead of dissipating.

So much self talk, I laid in bed until noon. wishing I could just sleep the day away. But I do not have the luxury of putting my life in neural. I respect all who have weight to lose and are making efforts to do so, no matter how much or what process they go through to get there. But for me, being morbidly obese, it is critical that I stay very carefully on track. I will die, like many of my obese friends if I do not get a grip on this, TODAY. Not next year, or next Monday, but TODAY.  My recovery from over eating is every bit as important as someone on dialysis or chemo therapy. In fact, the chances of surviving cancer, it greater than living a life of morbid obesity. These are facts, no one wants to talk about. They bring on feelings of shame, fear,  and embarrassment. But I am willing to feel some humiliation to gain a healthy life.

So, what steps have I taken to recover from this? First I talked one on one to 2 trusted friends. People who I knew would be bare naked honest with me, but with my interest at heart. You see, it does not hurt to be honest with people that care and love you. These two people are a soft place to run to. They have committed to be there for me, so I can trust them. I shared what I did, then LISTENED! the listening part is very important. With trusted friends, there is no need to rationalize your behavior, or defend yourself, because there is no judgement. it is very important to listen to the guidance of someone who had been through what you are experiencing. You can not have these kind of trusting relationships without honesty. It is a huge comfort, and helps me feel less alone. These relationships require nurturing, and maintaining, in order to keep the honesty fluid.

The next step was to forgive myself and think about what I could do different, so this does not happen again. One being, of course, never to buy non-negotiable food, thinking I can have it in small doses. I have claimed not to have a sugar addiction, but I believe now that I do. It’s a switch I did not realize I had. Once flipped, the switch shorts out and I can not flip it back off. I know this now, and will set boundaries regarding sugar. Some of my friends who have success losing weight, eat no refined sugar at all, not even in ketchup, or pizza sauce. Some just stay away from candy, and pastries, or anything with concentrated amounts. I believe I fall between here somewhere. I will be carefully defining my boundaries.

The hardest part was writing this. You don’t know how bad I want to be your hero and inspire all of you faithful readers. It feels so good to inspire, and be looked at as a role model. But a hero I am not. I am just Kathleen a hairdresser from Nebraska. I am equal with all of you, we are all on the same playing field, regardless of how much we have to lose, or how much we lose. We all struggle with the one pound before us. I will most probably have more struggles ahead. I will promise to always be honest, and I will use you to lean on in the hard times and celebrate the victories along the way.

I am excited for the year to come. I am certain that I will be making great progress and the physical struggles of my life will lesson, I will always have to stay on my toes, for there is no arrival, only progress. I am so anxious to get out there and live. lets all make 2016 the best year ever. The sacrifices are so small in comparison to the reward ahead. I wish you all good health and blessings in the coming year.



How man times have you heard the word “willpower” when referring to a weight loss program. We speak of it as if it is a condition some have and some don’t. When someone refrains from eating a piece of cake or pizza at a party they say, “wow, you sure have willpower!” I can’t tell you how many folks with the best intentions tell me they wish they had my willpower. But the truth is, I don’t have much willpower. Put me in a room with an Italian Buffet and I would surely cave. If I didn’t I would be “white knuckling” it the whole time. If I had to white knuckle every time I was in front of  temptation, I could not lose an ounce.

Dr Phil speaks of “Setting yourself up for success”. I remember watching his show a few years back and a woman was wanting to lose quite a bit of weight so the producers went to her home and went through her cupboards. One of her favorites foods was Doritos. She had bags and bags of it in her cupboards. I love Doritoes too. I could never have a big bag of Doritoes in my house, they would be gone with just one visit. No need for Chip Clips here! He told her if she wanted success, the best thing for her to do is not have them in her home. I can’t have ice cream here either, even of its sugar free or in the form of sugar free ice cream bars. I have been known to eat the whole box.

There are some foods that I simply can’t have access to. I can say I could resist, and maybe I could for a while, but eventually I would cave. I’m still working through this. Some of my weight loss friends eat no refined sugar, what-so-ever! I have the utmost respect for them. And I am willing to do the same if the day comes where I find that sugar is a problem for me. Not that I have my own demons. My trigger foods are chips, really good cheese, pasta, crackers, and any starchy carbohydrate. I have been trying to limit the amount of these things in my house and kitchen, and I’m having pretty good luck, but I think maybe my list of non-negotionable foods maybe growing in the near future. I attempted to buy my Doritoes in small 1 ounce bags, but I am still finding them tempting. So far I have resisted, but seriously, why toy with it? They may need to be removed real soon.

I don’t think I would have brought this up a few months ago. When you tattle on yourself, you have to become accountable. My little stash of Doritoes was my dirty little secret. There are some foods, no matter how carefully I weight and measure, I struggle staying true. I started weighting my pasta uncooked for that reason. I can shove way more than a cup of spaghetti in a measuring cup so tight, that when I take my chubby little hand away from the cup, they pop out like this trick snakes in a can! Same with a tablespoon of peanut butter. I now have a measuring spoon that has a slide over it that keeps you from mounting it up. A mounding tablespoon of peanut butter can easily turn into 2 or even 3. Some of what I refer to as yellow light foods, or food I can have but have to monitor very closely, goes into the freezer in my garage. I think at this point, it’s time to clear out the yellow light food as well. There is so much more peace when we just eliminate it from our lives. I can understand why most people do this gradually, it would be a lot to think about all at once.

We foodies are good at being sneaky. I was so sneaky that I did not even realize I was being sneaky. I still struggle with the BLT’s. (bites, licks and tastes) while I cook. A person can consume hundreds of calories in a very short time by tasting everything while cooking. I learned this at a very early age. When I was a kid, both of my folks worked, it was my job, to get supper going before my parents came home. We often had loose meats. (if you are not from the midwest and don’t know what a loose meat, tavern, or maid-rite is, it’s ground meat with seasonings, (not tomatoey or saucy  like Sloppy Joe’s), eaten on a hamburger bun. Rosanne Bar ran a loose meat restaurant on her show at one time) anyway, I would nibble on that ground beef spoon by spoon that by the time my folks were home half was eaten and when noticed, I would blame the meat counter of the little grocery store in my town for skimming on his ground beef. My folks never bought into it. I am learning to do less cooking complex recipes as well, it’s just easier if I eat simple food, that does not need a lot of fussing. Most of those kinds of foods are clean, fresh and simpler. Much healthier.

So, you ask, How have I lose so much weight without willpower? I’ve done it by tattling on myself and being accountable to a friend. I’ve quit buying and eating foods that I think about too much or can’t control the portions. I avoid toying with temptation. I’m not 100%, but when I see a challenge or a struggle with something, I think about it, and consult the army of people around me that I trust and are accountable to. I could never do this alone.

Yesterday I went to a late Christmas party. They were serving pizza from one of my very favorite pizza places, and I knew one of the guests would bring goodie trays. She owns a suscessful catering business and makes the most awesome truffles. I brought my own salad from Wendy’s and did not even go in the room to look at the food table. I knew if I planned on eating one piece, I would not stop. I don’t have the off button in my head that others have who don’t struggle with food like I do. It was so much easier than white knuckling it. Why torture myself.

People who want to lose weight have to do this on their own terms. There have been many times I have spoke up, or wanted to, but when I do, they get very defensive. Keeping the special treats for their husband, or children, or claiming to be able to eat it a little at a time. I remember the defensive things I said when anyone would call me on something. It’s important to let people make self discoveries at their own pace. Or, not at all. Saying something never helps. I avoided or hid when I was called out. Some of the friends who bite their lips and reserved their judgement, were the soft place I could run to when I was ready. I’m so thankful for those friends. I don’t know if I could have watched myself destruct and abuse myself without judgement like they did. That does not mean we should enable them either.

January is a good time to go through your pantry and cupboards and really see what might be tripping you up on your weight loss efforts. I am going to do this as well. It seems as I get further and further into this weight loss effort, I add to my long list of non-negotiables. I have a feeling I’ll be weeding through a lot of stuff real soon. As always. I will keep you posted. Blessings!


Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


When I was at my highest weight, I spent the majority of my time wishing I could go back in time. I would have given anything to get back the days when I had lost 200 pounds, and the people I love the most were still alive. When I was in that time in my life I still honestly never felt satisfied. I still felt a hole in my heart. Because if I was not stuffing that hole in my heart with food, I was trying to find it in relationships, status, or making myself likable to others. Joy has to come from within. I feel that completeness today, more than I ever did at my lowest weight. But when the weight was gained back, and losses happened in my life, I wanted a do-over, thinking I would be happy.

I felt if I could go back in time, I would appreciate what I had and be happy. But, living in the past is no way to live. We can never go back, there are no do-overs in life. That does not mean we missed the boat to happiness. But life has changed, and even if I could go back, it would never be the same. We can only learn from it. Is all we can do is cherish the sweet memories. Many of my friends comment on how good my memories is of times gone by. That may be so, but it’s also because I have lived too many of my days reminiscing of the past.

I spent a lot of time this year dreaming of my future. It is what kept me going for many months, when just walking to the bathroom was an aerobic exercise at over 500 pounds. Visualizing my future, was what motivated me, and gave me hope. 94c2d25605a7dc656dc0365ca92f5160But we can get stuck dreaming as well, if we do not embrace the moment we are in. My body put my life on hold until I could start moving around a bit. But now it’s time to start living.

Change is hard, and it’s impossible to run from. As we get older change gets harder to adapt to. But those who do, seem to live a much more fulfilled life.b3cf141f059f5e71337e880d2d014867 There is only one thing I can think of that never changes, if you have faith, and believe in God, you realize God never changes. I am grateful that God is always a never changing anchor in my life. If you have no faith in God, I pray you have an anchor you can hang onto when the winds start to blow around you, because that wind will blow,  sometime in your life, you need something solid to hang onto.

I am committed to doing more living in today. My body really held me back from doing much of that, and still does a bit, but with the 118 pounds lose, I can do more than I could 10 months ago. There is not a day on the calendar that says, when I lose X amount of pounds, I can start to live my life. There is plenty of living I can do right now. Just like there is not certain number on that scale that when you hit it, you suddenly become happy. Thats why numbers on the scale are only numbers. Important enough to give us tangible proof of our progress, but not capable of being our joy or value as a human being. Thats why for me, the “soon to be day”, I see my weight in the 300s, I will feel great progress and accomplishment. Yet some of you would jump off the roof of your house if you were in the 300’s. It’s only a chart, showing progress, not the prize.

So it’s time to push myself out of my comfort zone and fears. I will be going to the Y to swim the beginning of next month. I am apprehensive, and a bit scared. But I have to do it, I have to start living. I am grateful for my friends Diana and Pat who are willing to go with me to the Y. The part  that is the hardest, is not the swimsuit issue, I will wear a t-shirt over it. But for me it’s the long walk, even from the handicapped parking, across the parking lot, up the long sidewalk, through the building back into the swimming pool. But I can do it, and take my time, plus I won’t be alone. God always puts what I need in front of me at the moment I need it. He is never late, and never early. Sometimes I wish He would be early, but then I would not need to trust Him.

I am also going to get back to attending church. My spiritual core is solid, but I need the social interaction of like minded people. There is a power and strength that comes from corporate worship. Some of the people in my church have been unbelievably supportive. Way beyond what is required. I am so grateful for these beautiful men and women of God.

So lets all march past our fears, and apprehensions and move bravely into the next year. Trusting it to be the best year ever! Blessings to all!

A Year of Change

I just thought it might  be fun to see the changes over the last 10 months. 118 pounds down. The pictures below are the progression of loss over the last 10 months. Next year will be a big year of change and I will soon weight in the 300’s. I know many of you think that seems huge, but to me, it will be a big step into a normal, happy, life without isolation. Thanks for following my story. Your support has been more than I ever expected.

I am alone this Christmas, I am at peace with it. I have had friends stop by today and check on me. I have hope instead of wishing in my heart for what is to come. There is a difference. I had to find the value of Kathy when she was over 500 pounds to realize she worth saving. The kind of value that does not come from the people around you, your looks, or your status. It is the understanding of how God cherishes me, and has trusted me with talents that no one else has. You have all that as well. For years I tried to lose weight to become more valuable. Every time I failed I hated myself more.

Don’t ever give up on yourself. Your life has meaning and purpose. I could have been a tragedy or I could be victorious. It is a choice. God puts exactly what or who you need in your path at the very moment you need it. But until we decide to do it, instead of saying we are trying, nothing really happens.

Tonight, on Christmas Eve my dinner was skinless chicken breast from a rotisserie chicken, a potato with melted cheese, and fresh asparagus. All weighed and measured. I do not feel deprived or that I am missing out on anything. I will wake up tomorrow with fresh confidence that will carry me through another day.

I am finally feeling I am making my peace with food. I still have struggles, but I have tools that I can use, and people I can depend on. As long as I keep the maintenance up with connecting with others, actively doing what I need to do for self care, and staying close to God, my body and my mind will continue to heal.

Praying all of you have the best Christmas ever! Wishing good health for all of you! Blessings!

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Tiny Bubbles


FullSizeRender 27

Many people lose weight for different reasons. Some for an event, some to look and dresser nicer. Some for their husbands, kids, or grandkids. All of those are good reasons. I am looking forward to the day I get to go to the mall and shop for clothes, even the plus sizes will be a big step for me. But that’s not the motivating factor for me.

My motivation for weight loss is a bit different. I am not sure if it’s my age, the fact that I have no family, or the long past I have of losing and gaining weight so many times in my life, watching the losses happen gradually.

This I know, it is the simplest things that are missing in my life that I am anxiously awaiting to enjoy. The things I use to take for granted, the things that do not require money, or status.

Today I took a bubble bath for the first time in probably 10 years. I can not tell you how good it felt to soak in that warm tub. I will never take a warm bath for granted, every again. I am having  restored experiences every day. There is a wonderful year ahead of many things I will have gratitude for.

I am grateful for the things that I have lost when I was so fat, isolated and unhealthy. Some of the things I am looking forward to doing again are;

  • Waking up and not feeling so much pain when I take that first step out of bed
  • cleaning my own home
  • tying my shoes
  • holding a baby on my lap, instead of my chest, and looking down at it’s face
  • not worrying if where ever I go will have steps
  • not thinking about if a chair will hold me
  • being able to buy a car, and not being concerned how I will squeeze behind the steering wheel be a factor.
  • Sleeping in a bed without tons of pillows to prop me up so I can breath
  • taking a hike, and seeing the view from the top
  • not feeling like the elephant man when I walk into a room of strangers
  • not worrying what a small child will say when I pass the child in the grocery store isle
  • running to my car in the rain
  • no concern what soever how far away from the store I need to park
  • sitting in church and being able to stand during worship the whole way through
  • getting on the floor to play with a small child
  • taking a trip by airplane and having no anticipation about the seat belts fitting
  • slow dancing and being held close
  • having the stamina to take a long walk
  • ride a bike
  • fitting through a turnstile
  • blending in with a crowd
  • going to a sports event and no concern if I will fit in the seats or climb up the stairs to the nosebleed section
  • getting in a friend’s care without worrying if I will fit
  • feeling feminine again
  • seeing my toes when I stand up
  • getting on my knees to pray
  • giving someone hope that struggles like me
  • Being productive and having a real job with co-workers
  • going inside the bank instead of the drive up

Those are only a few things, the list is even longer. The things in life that have the most meaning are not wealth, looks or status. They are in relationships, the people we love. Being content when you are alone, and knowing you will leave an impact of some kind when you leave this planet.

Not until I realized my desire for life had little to do with food, and more about really living, could I help myself restore my life. With that perspective, the food is simply about following a plan and staying grateful and focused. I have to always remember to not get caught up in the superficial things that don’t really matter in the long run. I have an army of people around me that help keep me focused, you, my readers are among that army. honesty and accountability is the cornerstone of my health plan. Knowing that God loves me and values me the same when I was 537 pounds, or when I reach my goal weight of 240, or 140. My weight loss is simply a health issue. My value as a person and a child of God never changes. Blessings everyone!

Humble Pie

Today I ate humble pie. It was calorie free, and fat free, but very humbling.

For years, from 1984 to 2008 I owned a little beauty shop on the main street in my little Nebraska town. I was the female “Floyd the Barber” right on Dakota Avenue, the main street through town.

I was a young hairdresser, very edgy and I was good at my job. The majority of my business was teens, young adults, kids and families, lots of guys.image I can talk anyones legs off so there was no awkwardness when you came in my shop. It was a fun place to visit. I was a busy hairdresser.

Every year on Saturday morning, there were people from the community from several service clubs ringing bells and stoping traffic for money to buy food for the needy for Christmas.Kiwanis - bell ringing - Lance Swanson and Rob Tuttle It was then called Pete’s Feeders. That bell would ring and ring all day! I had a banging headache by the time I went home. I dreaded that day,  I hated the whole process, I was young and too smart for my pants, and even drove the side streets to get away from these guys. And they were always laughing and having fun. This made me even crazier! Bah HumBug!!!

Well today I was served up some Humble Pie. About 5 guys from my community came driving up my driveway this morning with 2 boxes of food, including a turkey, ground beef, fruit and fresh vegetables, pantry staples, and canned goods. It was nothing short of a blessing! Those obnoxious bell ringers were bring me something I desperately needed. I am humbled.

Never in a million years did I think I would be among the needy. I see this in a whole different way today. I am humbled by the love and care of my community. It makes my road to health even stronger and more determined.

You can bet on the fact that when I am able I will be giving to Cardinal Christmas Baskets, in South Sioux City, NE  Don’t be surprised if someday you see me ringing a big bell, with pride, on Dakota Avenue someday.

This is why they give, to see people like me get back on their feet, not dependent. I encourage you this Christmas to give. If you can’t give, and you are on the receiving end, be blessed and humbled, not a victim or entitled. Do what you can to get out of your current situation, be grateful for the help you got, and give back when you are able. Have a great weekend everyone and be blessed!

Christmas Miracle

I had to push myself to get out of bed and get my day going today. I do not like this middle place I am in. But I know it’s going to be a while before my body changes enough to really get out there and live my life again. I need to push myself a little more than I am right now. I can do more. The biggest struggle right now is the intense isolation. I never minded alone time, I was the kind of kid who was content playing alone. One of the hardest adjustment being married, was I never had the house to myself.

My Parents

My Parents

Family picture with Richard Simmons in my Beauty shop 1997

Family picture with Richard Simmons in my Beauty shop 1997

But being alone is not the same as being lonely. Many married people with lots of family feel like I do. Years ago when I was so busy taking care of others be it doing hair, or care taking my folks, and dear Aunt Lindy.

My sweet little Aunt Lindy, who I shared my love of coffee with.

My sweet little Aunt Lindy, who I shared my love of coffee with.

I avoided taking care of myself. I used food and spending money as a false means to self care, it was never satisfying.

My loneliness is a deep craving to be with humans on a day to day bases. I want people to be in that rhythm of life with me. Does anyone out there understand this? Some tell me they envy all the alone time I get to have, because they are overwhelmed with people and care-taking. I am sure that is true. I think if I had people charging in and out of my life randomly without a break I might feel the same. But this is a bit different.

having a purpose helps us be productive, and being productive gives us a sense of worth and value. And even thought you may dread going to work every morning, it gives you a lot more than a paycheck. That’s why a lot of retired people gather for coffee every morning. It gives them a purpose and a rhythm to their life. I think a lot of disabled folks have this problem but are not aware of it. It’s so easy to get focused on yourself and your struggles when you spend days on end alone. You can get negative very easily, and can become whiney. I sometimes go a week without seeing a human. I’m a people person, I perk up around people, my Mother was the same.

This time of year is horrible if you are alone. Everything on TV is about Christmas and family. There is no break from it. Christmas reminds me of what I have lost. The loved ones that are now dead. The family I never got to have but so desperately wanted. The years I wasted wallowing in self pity, resentment and shut down. The friends I miss, the valuable relationships I failed to nurture properly and lost. I just want January to get here so I can move past it.

This very moment in my life in time, I will look back as a Christmas Miracle. I am in the mud, struggling to take even one step, while I see everyone around me having a party. it feels like I am moving slow motion and alone. But in the big picture, the baby steps I am taking are giant steps. Pivotal moments that will have an effect on the rest of my life. I feels like I am failing, standing still, and have no purpose. But this is my Christmas miracle, I am changing, and the real miracle is, that God had put before me what I needed at the very moment I needed it. But he won’t do that unless I take these steps. God is not a Sugar Daddy. There is purpose in doing everything we can trusting God will help us do the impossible. If He dropped what we wanted in our laps ahead of time, we would not need faith, we would never try. When we wait we build endurance, and tenacity. We get stronger.  The struggles we use to labor and move forward,  soon become little bumps in the road. But we have to have faith. The substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen.

Sometimes as I write I think, Oh man, I am being too intense and negative. I am going to lose my readers. I read so many blogs that post only success and positive things. But honestly, I blog for me, first and foremost. These are the hurdles I am struggling with. This is my reality. I don’t think anyone lost a great amount of weight, and kept if off without some deep internal examination. There is so much to untangle.

Once again, I need to say, please do not feel sorry for me. I am not milking sympathy. Hard does not mean I’m in trouble or something bad. Hard is just hard. Hard is growth, and in our hardest moments sometimes the biggest miracles happen. Christmas miracles.


Ease on down the Road

It feels like I’m spinning my wheels today. I stepped on the scale after a really good week, and I have not lost an ounce. I also have taxes due on my house in 6 weeks, it is very urgent. I seem to take a few steps forward and one back. I just want a break, it’s been a long hard year of staying on track. I want my pay off now!!!!! But it does not work that way. I long to get back to work and be productive again.

It’s like being on Let’s make a Deal! I have won quite a bit, 115 pounds down, but I’m not stopping here, no, I’m going for the “Big Deal of the Day” Except this game is no gamble, I won’t lose, I will win! There are no Zonks image0032-350x240when you are putting forth all your effort.

So I am going to just turn it over to God, and not become a helpless victim, but stay consistent to my food and life plan. And my budget.  I love to sew, I love felt, and color! I make these little baby shoes with 100% Merino wool, all stitched by hand. I want to earn the money to pay my house taxes to keep my home, I do not expect God or anyone to just drop $1500 in my lap. I will earn it. But FYI, if you want a really sweet baby gift, here is a link to my Facebook Page for my Felt Baby Shoes. Just click on that link and check out the photo section. Leave me an email if you are interested in having something made. My email is totalkathy@aol.com

I use to just be a helpless victim when “life happened”.  Whine and feel sorry for myself, and let people rescue me. We are so capable of doing more than we think we can. I would be so defeated I did not even entertain the thought of taking charge of any tough situations. I am really embarrassed about that. There were a lot of years I just waiting for God to rescue me.

So I will hold on tight to that trapeze bar, stay focused, and productive. This fat girl is not going to fall now, not after losing 115 pounds within the last 10 months. Wouldn’t it be a shame to go back now? That tragedy will not be me. If I die, I will die trying. I have a purpose, one that has not even been started up yet. It’s like having a shiny new Caddycadillac-elr-jay-leno-1500x776 in the garage just waiting to be driven.

Honestly I am not sure where I am going to come up with the money for my taxes, but I know my God has me in the palm of his hand. Meanwhile I will not be sitting on my hiney eating bon bons waiting for some supernatural miracle to happen. I am going to do whatever I can to help myself and trust I can do this. This road to health is not just about eating healthy, it’s about managing all aspects of my life, and being grateful along the way. I don’t really have the time to whine and feel sorry for myself if I keep trying. Being pro-active really shakes the self-pity away.

But meanwhile I will stay on my food plan, that never changes no matter what. Outside forces will not have any affect on my road to health. That is the task on the top of my list, daily. It is my lifeline. Thanks for reading and always keeping it real. The messages I have received the last few weeks have been overwhelmingly kind. You can’t know how much strength it gives me. Blessings to all of you!

Below are a few pictures of my work. Several if these were special orders. I like to embroider the baby’s name on the shoe. They make really cute Christmas ornaments after the child outgrown them.

These are pieces for a baby mobile I am working on, with a western theme.

These are pieces for a baby mobile I am working on, with a western theme.