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Being my own Hero

I did not get to go to church today. I am sort of embarrassed to admit I simply had to choose to spend what money I had left on gas or medicine. I went to the Dr Friday and got a great report. But I also had my prescriptions renewed so had to get a lot of refills. I should have planned a little better.

My Dr was thrilled with my weight loss. My blood pressure is perfect, and I am no longer diabetic, I am just a tiny point enough to be pre-diabetic, but she is sure I will soon be free from being even pre-diabetic very soon. I still have to hear about some blood work regarding my thyroid that is not in yet, but other than that, God had graced me with this opportunity to regain my health. Something I no longer take for granted.

The human body is truly a miracle. After so much food abuse, I can lose weight and save my own life.

The weekend is feeling very long. I am trying to think of ways I can get out and not have to drive very far because I have no gas. I know this sounds silly, but I just needed to see people today, so I went to Walgreens to get my meds, and drove through Wendy’s to get a lite Lemonade, and sat in the Walmart parking lot to people watch and drink my lemonaide. I kinda feel pathetic telling you that, but for now its my life.  But the good thing is, I am going stir crazy being in this house so much. Before I lost this weight, I had no desire to leave my bed, let alone my home. I am still dealing with a little phobia getting out and feeling safe. That sounds crazy. The world had changed a lot in the last 10 years, which is basically how long its been since I have really lived. And even tho it is lonely, and horribly boring, staying inside is safe. I really believe some of us stay fat out of fear of really living. And I believe this fear is part of the reason so many of us gain it all back. We think losing weight will make us better people. When in reality, losing weight is ONLY a health issue.

I remember 20 years ago when I lost 200 pounds. I really thought it would make me marketable for the dating world. Yet I seemed to never meet anyone and the few dates I had were with strange guys I met on line.God sure protected me from some stupid choices I made.  My dating life was a train wreck! I thought losing weight would solve all my loneliness problems, and when it didn’t, I started to believe I was defective. I often settled for less than I deserved. I’m sure I came off so desperate, the few nice guys I did know were scared I was too needy and would eventually smother them. I have since learned to be my own hero. If I want the fairy tale, I can buy the book. If I want a healthy relationship, I need to be whole.

Confidence is one of the most attractive thing a person can have. 18 years ago I was turning 40, and terrified to be alone the rest of my life. No one can really complete us. And I believe I needed to come to realize that when I gained all that weight back. What I was looking for was something I failed to give myself.

If I do happen to get into a relationship in this season of my life, it would be a completely different experience. I am taking care of my own needs now. I no longer need a relationship to validate my ability to be loved.

Have a happy and safe weekend everyone!

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Comparing Myself to Myself

So many times in my past efforts to lose weight I have compared myself to myself. In other words, if I was not having a good day with my food, I often covered the guilt with the line “well I am not eating like I use to eat, so it could be worse” I think maybe we have all done that.

I remember the last time I lost a lot of weight 20 years ago, when I started gaining it back I would say “well at least I am a far cry from what I use to weight so I am doing OK” or, “well if I don’t go over 300 pounds I will be fine because I use to weight over 400″ My weight and eating kept escalating until I no longer had any comparison left.

My head is an expert at rationalizing bad behavior, and then believing the lie I told myself! I know we talk a lot about ” progress and not perfection” but falling off the wagon even for one day is not progress!

I have been getting slack at the night time eating again. It seems to be a monster I will have to always tame throughout my life. So, my hamper will once again go in front of the door to my kitchen every night. It is humbling to admit, and even more humbling to blog about it.  So far this has not caused too much havoc in my weight loss, but it will if not nipped in the bud.

I am going to the Dr tomorrow, I am always a mess the week before I go. And can’t sleep the night before. I hope someday I will get over the fear. It’s much deeper than I like admit to. It makes no sense, I am so much healthier than I use to be (see, I am comparing myself again, but this time in a good way) I feel good, and I am about 60 pounds less that last time I went. I also love my Doctor, she is a long time friend and we have a history of friendship and many mutual friends. Her faith is the same as mine. I am getting pretty good at self talk.

I like bring along my friend Linda, whom I adore! for some reason when I am at the Dr I forget everything we talk about. So its good to bring a friend, especially since I have no family or husband. We have been friends almost 40 years. We use to cut hair together, and she is one of the most interesting persons I know. If she heard me say that she would deny it. I met Linda in the 70s and she was the first and only true hippy I had ever known.  But as an example, I was talking to her this morning on the phone, making arrangements for her to go to the Dr with me tomorrow and I kept hearing a honking sound. I said, Linda, what is that noise? She said, “oh probably just the barn swallows” I said no, its a honking sound, she said “oh, that must be the PEACOCKS, I am doing chores, feeding her Miniature Donkeys. How many of you have had a phone conversation with honking peacocks in the background?  I am so grateful for this beautiful friendship. We have walked each other through all the major events, both happy and sad, in our lives. Those kinds of friends are treasures!


In Purgatory



I always try to keep this blog real. Sometimes I worry I am too much of a whiner and a “Debbie Downer”. But for now, the ups and down are my reality. The good news is, I am feeling so much better than I have in years. The bad news is, my body is still stoping me from all the things my new hope and spirit want to do. I am in weight loss purgatory. Although I have changed in many ways, I am temporarily suffering the repercussions of my self abuse. The silver lining is, that a full, and wonderful life is right around the corner. And because weight loss is more about losing a percentage of your body weight than the actual numbers on the scale, the next 50 pounds will most probably have a bigger impact on my wellness than the last 143 pounds. It’s like taking off on your bike in 10th speed. The peddling is hard, and you move slow, but soon your gain momentum and you start moving faster.

I am bored and lonely beyond belief. I do not say that for you to feel sorry for me. I am no longer a victim.  I am use to being alone, so I can alway find something to do, but I long to be really living again. When I was at my heaviest, I did not feel like doing anything, and I slept a lot. Being content when you are alone, does not mean you do not feel loneliness. Of course a fantasy romance would be fun, but I just need people and family. Day to day people in my life. I am grateful for a handful of friends who have stuck with me. But being alone I sometimes think WAY too much. I can totally understand why people who live a lifetime in solidarity are often a bit eccentric or a bit off beat. I see that in myself, and I do not like it. I have to really be careful of thinking to much and building resentments towards those friends who have walked away. It can be like watching a rerun movie over and over, and the resentment grows if I do not shut it off. It’s different when you do not have day to day family or spouse to keep your centered. And its so easy to become self centered. Which is different than selfish. Self-centeredness often happens accidentally, when your whole world is only you. I see some people go through that when they have been in the hospital or have had a long illness, have a baby, or really anything that has consumed someones attention for a period of time. We become single minded, and start believing our situation is completely unique. And we often find ourselves explaining our uniqueness to whoever will listen. Just because we crave to be understood. When in reality, there is a whole world of folks who live “shut in” lives and live vicariously through their computers or even a child or family member.

It’s way past time for me to get back in church. I keep putting it off until next week, but it’s time to stretch myself once again. This is not an excuse, but I want someone to understand how hard it is to always go places alone. When I was a single young adult, there were more single friends, and people who had time to just hang out. But as I have gotten older, my friends all married, have kids, and are always trying to just find time to do the normal things in their lives. I’m kind of looking forward to the day I can say I am too busy to do something. So, I will use you all as accountability, and say I am going to church next Sunday morning, rain or shine.

I have to keep pushing myself forward, if I don’t I will start to go backwards. I think I have babbled enough today, and need to wind this up. I go to the Doctor next Friday. She will be pleased at the weight loss. I believe I have lost a good 60 pounds or more since she last saw me. Thanks for reading everyone, you don’t know how much your sweet messages and encouragement keeps me going.Thank you so much for that!  Be blessed everyone!

Reach for the Sky!



I was down another pound this morning. 143 pounds lost now, since April of 2015. It hardly seems possible. I am so grateful for the grace of God!

One of the biggest obstacles I am currently experiencing is walking through the threshold of my new life. Now I’m not wanting to make a big deal out of this, but I have to address it. I have basically been in my home primarily in my bed the last several years. It’s a bit of a blur, because there was no exact moment this all started in my life. It started by not going into stores when I was married and just staying in the car. Then slid into sitting in a chair in front of the stove to cook my meals, then spending the whole day in bed, then the whole weekend…..

There is some basic living that I have not experienced for a long time. I am gradually getting back to living, but I have to admit, I am a little fearful sometimes. I’m not sure I can explain it correctly, and there is so much shame in exposing this to the world. But the sooner I shed light on it, and quit letting shame keep me captive, the sooner I can get back to living.

The normal mundane things you do every day are challenges for me and create fears you may never even think of. I needed to write about this a bit so I can work through it. It is so safe and secure staying inside my home. I do not have to worry about how far I have to walk, or if I can fit in the chairs, or worry how the world seems me. But am feeling so much better, and because of that, the loneliness has gotten almost unbearable. It feels like the world is going on around me and I am frozen in time, except I am getting older.

So it’s time to walk through the threshold of life. No matter how fearful I am. And even tho I feel a little pain, its no where near the pain 143 pounds ago made me feel. So this week I am going to visit my friends at the local Community Collage and check out finishing up my associates degree. I only have one hour to meet the requirements to graduate. Also, in a couple of weeks I will be a certified Life Coach. Things are about to really change in my life.

My prayer is that someday, someone who was in  situation like mine, will see hope. We are all capable of doing so much more than we think we can. We just get in our own ways sometimes.

Take care everyone, and reach for the sky!




1997 after my 200 pound loss

I had some old video’s converted into DVD recently. Some were of my last successful weight loss and the experiences I had doing infomercials and testimonials for Richard Simmons weight loss products and videos. One of the video’s was a hard hit of reality for me.  And reminded me of the grace God.

I was on the Maury show after I lost 200 pounds with several people who were various weights. The two youngest people, both under 30, were 500 plus pounds. I remember how hard it was for them to get up onto that stage. I remember that 28 years old girl on oxygen sitting on the loveseat they brought in to have her sit on. I remember being thankful my weight had not gotten that bad. They both died, the girl on oxygen died months after the show aired, and the young man who drove a taxi passed away a year or two later. I do not know about the others. I would have never believed you if you told me 5 years after that show was taped, I would weight over 500 pounds, and waste the next decade and a half isolated in my home and simply existing.

My message today is short. If you want a great life it’s there for the taking. There is not a pizza or chocolate cake in the world that is worth destroying your body for.  Life is fragile enough. Don’t let food rob you of the wonderful life that is ahead.

But we must take our health very seriously. Tomorrow is not promised. Don’t be foolish enough to think “Oh that could never happen to me!” or “I’ll just have this meal and start tomorrow”. It took me 20 years for tomorrow to come. I am sure that I am living on grace. I should have been dead long ago. But maybe I am here simply to bring the message of hope to the hopeless. Be well everyone.

Below is a link to a clip from the Maury Show I did with Richard Simmons in 1997. I appear on the last half of the clip. Thanks for viewing!~


Link to Video of Me on the Maury Show

141 pounds lost!



I have lost another 3 pounds since I got under the 400s into the 300s. I have lost 3 pounds, for total of 141 pounds lost. My current weight is now 396. I find it odd that I could be on a plateau for a good month, then just drop 5 pounds in about a weeks time. It really tells me how fickel weight loss can be.

I did shake up my food a bit. I tried to go under the 1400 calories to 1300 calories most days. It really wasn’t hard, I pretty much cut out that bagel I ate most morning. I know, I know, they are a ton of carbs, and it is a pretty concrete fact that refined carbs are dangerous to someone trying to get healthy. Regardless of the calorie intake. I was so defiant, I have pretty much cut all sugar from my diet, and I thought, it was enough, but I  finally surrendered to eating less carbs. That is MUCH harder for me than abstaining from sugar.

I am eating some carbs, in fact I had rice almost every night last week for my evening meal. But, I read that article in the NY Times about how to cook your rice so it has half the calories, and I believe it works! I did use white rice, I cooked a big batch of it in my oven, yes my oven! You just measure 1 part rice to 2 parts water, a tablespoon of coconut oil, cover and bake at 400 degrees for 1/2 hour, remove from oven, but do not uncover for another 1/2 hour. It turns our perfect every time. It works with brown rice too.

I make a huge pan of rice, and when it cooled I just stored in a zip bag in my fridge, it takes up less space that way. I had chicken, a vegetable and rice several times last week. I also baked several boneless skinless chicken breast in the oven with a little bit of lemon pepper at 450 degrees for 1/2 hour. I didn’t even thaw them. So all I need to do for meals is decide if I want a piece of roast chicken, rice and roasted veggies. or stir fry the chopped veggies, and cut up a chicken breast, and stir in a bit of stir fry sauce. this one is my favorite I get it at Amazon by the gallon and just keep it in my fridge.  Rice and baked chicken can be made so many ways, you can make stuffed peppers, or stuffed pepper soup, spanish rice, low calorie fried rice… the possibilities are endless!

Another one of my go to foods is Arctic ZeroIt can be found at Walmart and other grocery stores. It is a high fiber frozen desert that is very low in sugar and calories. There are 2 different kinds and tons of flavors. I buy the 35 calorie pints, and often eat the whole thing! It’s still under 150 calories to indulge! There are so many great products out there to help with your weight loss these days. 

So there are my tips to get off a plateau. But I also want to say, I am sure I plateaued because I simply consuming too many calories, and was not being honest with myself. I will not use my plateau as an excuse to deceive myself by playing the victim to the scale Gods. Even the most diligent dieter can do something to enhance their efforts to gain good health.

Today is Mother’s Day, and I will be eternally thankful for the sweet Mom God blessed me with. I can not wait for the day I get to see her again in Glory! Have a great Sunday Everyone!


This was taken in 1997 when I had lost a lot of weight and was doing informational for RS products. My Mom was so proud of me. She died 4 years later. I miss her everyday!



Tenacity; The quality or act to be able to grip something firmly. The quality or act of being very determined.

After a long month without a loss, I could not believe it! I am finally under the 400s. I am trying to wrap my head around all of this. I have been fighting the fight so long it seems surreal. I remember weighing 537 pounds and feeling hopeless and very scared. I wondered what would happen to me? How was my life going to end. I couldn’t possibly lose over 300 pounds, especially being in my 50’s.  I was widowed, I had no family, I was totally broke, I could barely walk to the bathroom and felt God had abandoned me. Mostly I felt so much shame because of the mess I have made of my life. My friends were dropping off like flys, I was pathetic in their eyes. I don’t blame them, I was pathetic in my eyes as well. I had become very bitter. I will forever be grateful for this handful of gracious friends who loved me unconditionally. They saw my mess and yet, found something valuable in me I couldn’t see in myself. They loved me when I just couldn’t.

We are so capable of achieving so much more than we think we ever could. Sometimes It takes a crisis to push us out of the darkness.  God has a way of taking the rubble from our lives and converting it into a treasure. But we have to be painfully honest, and willing. Shame keeps us from being honest. Just think how amazing we all could be if we could be truly honest and not hide the ugly things in our lives? I had to hit bottom and bounce around down there before I let go of my pride and shame and looked at the reality of my situation. I tried excuses and blaming everyone and everything around me, but that gets us nowhere. It only delays us and uses up precious time.

I was holding on to things that  really didn’t matter. I was stalling myself from who I could truly be; the authentic person my creator designed me to be. Pride, possessions, status, wealth, are all things that we hoard, all while the real lasting treasures are right there within our reach.

When I look back at the progress in only a year, it takes my breath away. I am so focused on the next step, I sometimes fail to realize the ground I have gained. I will be working on a dream board with picture of some of the dreams I have about how my life will be. I’ll be posting it next week. Today I will celebrate the victory, and be grateful for the grace God gives me each every day.