Gravity : the force that causes things to fall towards the Earth.

I hate gravity! Gravity is responsible for most of my struggles. As I age, I really see the impact gravity has on me. I was chatting with a friend and looking through some old pictures today. I found 2 pictures, same weight, but 20 years apart. I was surprised to see my face looked fatter in the older picture of my youth than the current picture. See what you think:

2015 58 years old

2015 58 years old

1995 38 years old

1995 38 years old

This caused me to think about other areas of my body that gravity has taken over. Like my boobs, arms, thighs and my belly. All have shifted south. I am sure as I keep losing weight Spanx will be my new best friend. yes, I will have loose skin issues. But I will gladly trade loose skin for living a good life. I have no aspirations to ever wear a bikini.

In my younger years, a lot of my weight was in my upper body. I always described my body shape like a bottle of Dawn dish soap. You know, kinda big in the shoulders, then wider as you went down.

This is one more reason the way we look does not define our worth. But, what is worth something is our health. As you get older you realize how valuable your health truly is. I believe that being healthy is much more attractive than how big we are. Being healthy enables us to live a better life. Some people need to land in the hospital or have a major health scare to do something about losing weight and regain their health. For some, that is not even an awakening. I have seen people who’s weight issues put them in the hospital and on the way home from the hospital they stop for fast food. I did not end up in the hospital, but my weight caused me to spend the last several years primarily in my bed.

The only lasting reason to lose weight is for better health. Your motivation can’t be to wear a bikini, look good for an upcoming wedding or event, look good in pictures, or to find the love of your life. Health, and health alone has to be the primary reason to lose weight. When that is your bottom line, your shame fades, and you can become honest. After all the most attractive thing about anyone is their health, and confidence.



Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog. I am a Baby Boomer from Nebraska blogging my way to good health. I am single, with no children, I have a little white maltese dog named Lily. Follow my journey to lose 1 pound 300 times.

6 thoughts on “Gravity : the force that causes things to fall towards the Earth.

  1. yes, I can definitely tell the difference Kathy…… I love your blogs and your honesty….. you are truly an inspiration. I told the group at ww on Friday about you and the one lb. 300 times…. you could’ve heard a pin drop. I gave them your blog address and hopefully they will read it…I know they will eventually. GET IT ON GIRL…….YOU ARE AWESOME AND LOVED!!!


      Oh wow! Thanks sooooo much! I really appreciate that, but most of all I appreciate your friendship! Love you Sister!

  2. cindi roushia

    I couldn’t have said it better myself!!! Nothing can compare to health, the rest is just a bonus!!! I think this time is the only time I am doing it for the right reasons There is a big difference!

  3. Nancy Bowlin

    💕 this. Health is the only goal that provides a permanent lifestyle change. Any other goal is temporary so once people reach their goal they revert back to old habits and consequently regain all the weight they lost and more. Maintaining good health is a goal that lasts a life time.


      You are so right Nancy I think we both have seen that hapen over and over. I am so proud of you my Sister! Thanks so much for your suport! Have a great week!

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