Let’s be honest here….

halloween candy

If I am really serious about losing weight why…..



Do I keep all those coupons for Pizza?

do I make enough Christmas cookies to feed all the soldiers in Iran?
am I posting fattening food on Facebook? My friends can find their own recipies.
am I buying treats “in case” someone comes to visit?
do I drive my grocery cart past the bakery department?
did I buy too much Halloween candy?
am I making treats ” for my loved ones”?
do I keep filling the candy dish, why do I have a candy dish?
I can’t remember the last time you ate anything green?
do I go out to lunch at a place that has food you know is hard to resist?
do I buy my favorite candy for the trick or treaters if I do not plan on eating it?
did I gobble up all the samples at SAMs club?

Let’s be honest here, we do things out of habit, and sometimes out of denial. We are guilty of at least a few of the things posted above. There are things we need to let go of to successfully get healthy. For so many of us, food is our love language. It is for me. Things like having doughnuts “for your family” sitting on the counter. There are many other ways to love our families,  one being, taking care of yourself so they don’t have to bury you at a young age. Making a big pan of brownies and telling yourself you will just have one. You know you won’t. No more browniesAnd you will be living with that pan of brownies calling your name. Or, do what I did, slice strips of it off the whole pan instead of cutting out a piece so it won’t be noticed. (yeah, right)

So many times we use our loved ones as an excuse to make unhealthy choices. Or, we just don’t speak up for ourselves, and allow them to bring unhealthy food in the house. fruitI use to keep things around like bags of chocolate chips, in case I wanted to make cookies for a friend, and before I knew it, I had opened it, and continued nibbling until is was gone. In fact, mostly my chocolate chips rarely ended up in cookies or out of my house. It’s getting close to Christmas, we all love the ritual of making Christmas cookies. What if you decided this year you won’t be making cookies? Trust me, your world won’t fall apart, and your Christmas won’t be ruined. There are so many more beneficial things you can do with your family. So what if they will miss your traditional treats you make and whine a bit? It’s much better than missing your not being alive to enjoy the many Christmas’s to come with them. Your little ones would far more enjoy an outing with you to a bakery or restaurant where you can buy one treat and not have to bring it home.

I know what you are thinking, “It’s Christmas, my family would be lost without these traditions, besides, I am truly committed to my food plan, I can handle resisting these things” Sometimes these things can appear to be more important to us than the loved ones we are trying to please. christmas cookiesThey may express that they miss your special homemade cookies, but trust me, they will get over it. The guilt your put on yourself is much greater than their longing for a Christmas cookie.

So who’s to say we can’t make healthy traditions at Christmas? Those beautiful fruit and vegetable Christmas trees and wreaths are adorable to have for the holiday. Pinterest is full of great idea, how to make a holiday vegetable platter or trees.veggies christmas tree Your neighbors might really appreciate receiving one of these instead of another plate of cookies. Your coworkers might appreciate that fruit basket for that diet they will be starting January 1. I promise your children and grandchildren will enjoy doing that with you every bit as much as frosting Christmas cookies. And if they don’t, they will make the sacrifice to just have you around for the many Christmases to come.

Food is a funny thing. Too much is killing us, and unlike drugs or alcohol, we have to have it around us to some extent. But would it be a little much to ask an alcoholic to be making moonshine to give out as a gift, yet never taste it? Why tempt yourself, when its hard enough the way it is. Set yourself up for success.

I think there is a secret part of us that does not want to let go of this stuff for selfish reasons, we think we can get by with just a little taste. If is not there, it won’t tempt us. Set your life up for victories rather than failures. You will discover that all the time you spent elbow deep in frosting will free you up for much more important things. Besides, your kitchen stays clean.


Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog. I am a Baby Boomer from Nebraska blogging my way to good health. I am single, with no children, I have a little white maltese dog named Lily. Follow my journey to lose 1 pound 300 times.

One thought on “Let’s be honest here….

  1. Sue

    Oh how I can sabotage myself with everything you mention in this blog! The best one right now is buying Halloween candy. My elderly mother asked me on Monday why I hadn’t bought the candy yet. I told her, “if I had bought it now there wouldn’t be any left to hand out to trick-or-greeters.”
    I remember when we talked a couple years back about not even having the foods in the house which tempt me to eat. You had been so forth coming in telling me you had the chips all the way out in the garage so you wouldn’t be inclined to eat them. I smiled, because this was YOUR journey and I had faith you would figure it out 😘 And now look at you. Even admitting how you used to self-sabatoge. This helps me stay aware of what I want to change so I can live a healthier life. Thank you for this post. Love you much!

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