Keep Calm and put on your Stretchy Pants



Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and if the roads are not icy, I will be spending it with some good friends. I debated as to what I was going to do with my food plan tomorrow. I had 6 choice.

  1. Eat whatever I wanted for the day
  2. Eat whatever I wanted for that meal
  3. Eat all but the dessert
  4. Plan a set amount of calories I will allow myself to go over for the day
  5. Stay within my 1400 calorie budget
  6. stay home

I have decided to stay within my 1400 calorie budget. I know myself, and once I let myself have a little slack, I will struggle to get back on track. I believe we have to do what works for us, as long as we are being true to ourselves. If you have a thought in the back of your head, that finds pleasure in having all that extra food around, maybe you need to re-evaluate. If you are confident and prepared to have a day including a traditional higher calorie meal, and sure it will be just for that day or meal, there is nothing wrong with it. Many people have had very successful weight loss that included eating a big meal for a holiday. I just know myself, and I can not do that.

I seriously thought about adding 500-1000 extra calories to my day. Then I thought, what for? It will only set me back a week or so in my life plan. Yes, life plan. I want to live instead of exist. Giving myself an extra week to live longer on this planet is worth staying on track. No piece of pumpkin pie could possible be worth shortening my life.  I do not believe my staying on track with my food budget is going to have any negative affect on my relationship with the people I will be sharing a table with. Besides, there is a lot of food I can eat and enjoy, Turkey, mashed potatoes, maybe a small scoop of dressing, and vegetables. It’s not like I am going to suffer, and eat rice cakes with everyone around me eating rich food.

I thought about making my traditional scalloped corn to bring. It has lots of butter and tons of carbs. I use to not be able to imagine a Thanksgiving dinner without it. We all have one or more side dishes that remind us of our past. But I know my friends won’t miss it, I would have to make something that I would be temped to eat, and if I did allow myself to have it, I fear what it might trigger. besides, it’s loaded with calories.

I am still 200+ pounds overweight. I am at a critical risk to have an heart attack at any moment. I am pre-diabetic, I will die an early death if I do not lose weight. Mine weight is not cosmetic, and it’s beyond being uncomfortable. My obesity is going to kill me. So with that in mind, eating a big piece of pumpkin pie with whipped cream seems redundant. I am just starting to be able to answer my front door without having to take a few minutes to catch my breath. Why would anyone who struggled to walk across a room take a day to eat my way into oblivian?

I use to rationalize all of this big eating by comparing myself with people bigger than I. I’d say “well I’m not as big as her/him, so I do not need to be that strict. If I am “that person” in your life, remember, I use to think that too, and look where it brought me. Is it worth taking that chance on that slippery slope?

When I am tempted to over eat, even just one Oreo cookie, it’s easy to justify and say, “Oh, just one will not put any weight on me” And that is true. One cookie will not make a difference on the scale. But for me, that one cookie is not about the calories it contains, it is the first step on that slippery slope to falling off track, maybe forever, and possibly dying. That one cookie IS death. If I do not eat the one, I will not eat  the two and three…four… and on and on. The rationalizing keeps spinning, the head talk..”oh well, I blew it, I can get back on track tomorrow” I have said that so many times, over and over through the years. And Thanksgiving is often the gateway to a month of eating, baking, cooking and eating, in the name of enjoying Christmas with out loved ones. And maybe I can eat just one, I may have once or twice. But with the hundreds of times that has been my first step down that slope, the odds are not with me.

I am sure many of my readers have left by now, because no one who does not plan on staying on track Thanksgiving will want to read this. I wouldn’t have a couple of years ago either. I would have rolled my eyes and searched the net for new recipes. That’s ok, its not my job to be the food police. I am not blogging to rescue people. I am blogging to keep my focus to good health stronger, and if I inspire along the way…bonus! If you are still with me, thank you. I hope this is the best Thanksgiving you ever have. I wish you happiness and health. Be blessed.




Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog. I am a Baby Boomer from Nebraska blogging my way to good health. I am single, with no children, I have a little white maltese dog named Lily. Follow my journey to lose 1 pound 300 times.

4 thoughts on “Keep Calm and put on your Stretchy Pants

  1. Sue

    Well said! I love what I heard at a meeting once, “it’s only a Thursday!” Holidays are tough for those of us who grew up with chaos and addiction in our families. Holidays, much like funerals, were an opportunity to drink, act crazy and hide the way you really feel. So many of us brace for the impact of the holidays.

    Dave has to work. My friend is coming over to hang out and watch a movie! Dave’s son and both granddaughters are coming Saturday and leaving Sunday. They live in Topeka. My plan is to prepare as much before so I can enjoy the weekend, keeping my expectations reasonable. I miss my son and his family terribly. Had a little cry today, but am grateful they are all healthy and happy.

    Have a Grateful Thursday, my Sister By Choice,

  2. MaryB

    I just found your blog today from Sean’s blog. I’ve read your archives and love your honesty. Today, this comment really stuck out to me: If I do not eat the one, I will not eat the two and three. I see this not only about food but with having a glass of wine in the evening.

    I am looking forward to following you on your journey.


    • Kathleen

      Thanks so much Mary. I think weight loss can be applied to so many things in our lives. It’s really not what we are consuming but what is the empty place we are trying to fill. I am sure I could easily switch addictions. I have seen a lot of people do that. I appreciate your reading my blog, and the encouraging comments. Im looking forward to walking this journey with you. Blessings!

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