Life is Good!

Yesterday I shared how hard life was, today let’s look at what is good. The good is what keeps me going and staying on track. The good is that joy that pops up before us without warning. Are not the spontaneous moments we have some of the best times of our life?

I had a fun surprise when Sean Anderson from The Daily Diary of a Winning Loser mentioned me on his blog. I had been a reader for a while and loved how openly he wrote. We have since become good friends. I feel like I found my long lost brother. I love how some of the hardest things in our lives can bring us the best things as well. I cherish this new found friendship. I loved the new readers it brought me. I love how supportive he is in a world where everyone else is in competition. Sean finds joy in seeing people succeed and become happy. He does this because he has claimed his self respect as well. he has been on both sides of the fence, and loves to help others jump the fence. He does not depend on validation from the outside.

The good things in life are what I day dream about as my good health increases. Mostly when I lay in bed at night I fall asleep visualizing my new life ahead. The possibilities are endless. Of course the weight loss will allow me to physical do many more things. But the confidence and self respect  it brings is the biggest prize. The interesting thing is,  the self respect did not come after the weight loss started, it came before, and then the weight loss followed.

Life is good, and we have the magical ability to make it good. I see my life opening up, one step at at time. When I get discouraged or inpatient I just focus on staying firmly on track and the pay off soon comes. When we get ahead of ourselves is when things fall apart. When things get hard, we can sometimes think about how long we have to go or how long we have to hold on, wondering how in the world are we going to do it? The thought of losing over 300 pounds was almost more than I could wrap my head around. My hope was tiny, but I searched out places of encouragement and support. Then without warning it came. It came in friendships, it came in inspiration and information I stumbled across on the internet, and many other ways.  I have stayed committed, and when I felt my grip slipping, I trusted hanging on one more day. That is the moment when what I needed showed up at the perfect time.

The thing is, it is not going to fall in your lap. You have to try, you have to put in your time, and you have to be painfully real. Mostly, you have to be consistent. Even on your off days, holidays, and when the unexpected happens. The bolder your efforts the bigger the pay off, but it usually happens in a way you least expect from a source you never dreamed of. Expect the unexpected. Just keep doing the right thing one day at a time and you will be surprised what pops up around the corner to get you to the next level. Life is good.


Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog. I am a Baby Boomer from Nebraska blogging my way to good health. I am single, with no children, I have a little white maltese dog named Lily. Follow my journey to lose 1 pound 300 times.

One thought on “Life is Good!

  1. Awe, it was truly my pleasure. I sincerely appreciate your very kind words! I’m so glad to know you and call you a friend, Kathy. It’s rare to find someone willing to cut through muck and bravely tackle the very real mental and emotional dynamics along the way. You’re real. You’re powerful. And this exploration you’re taking is not only opening up your world, it’s helping others, too. Your willingness to take us along is very generous and inspiring.
    Positive visualizations–I’m so happy you do these. They’ve been monumental for me.

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