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I don’t write much about food on here. That is not accidental. In my past weight loss efforts I would go on a diet, and get a food plan, or go to a weight loss meeting and most of the information and conversation was about food, how much and what kind. I’d leave with a handful of recipes, and new low calorie, low fat, low carb foods to buy at the store.

My paradigm  has shifted greatly over time. My focus this time is about putting priorities, values, my relationship with God, and order in my whole life, not just the food I eat. Now, food is part of it, but it’s not the whole focus. I do believe we all have to find our own food plan that works for us, but the food choices have little to really do with weight loss. At least for me, my unhealthy relationship with food and my portions were the biggest problem. I had to break up with food like a bad boyfriend and put it on the “just friends” list. And trust me, sometime I miss my old lover. But it was a horribly abusive relationship. I almost lost my life being abusive with what was at the end of my fork.

There is a TV show that is called “My Diet is better than Yours”. my-diet-is-better-than-yours it’s about a group of people all having their own diet guru. It’s a contest about who’s diet works the best. It reminded me of the attitude I use to have about food and dieting.

have you ever worked hard on one area of your life, experience personal growth,  and then have something or someone say something that reminds you of how you use to think? It’s hard to hear sometimes because you remember the wrong path you were going down or how naive you may have been. It can be a way to measure how far you have come. It’s important to respect anyone who is where you use to be and not be arrogant about it. I have sadly, had to learn this the hard way in the past. I have let my new confidence turn into cockiness. It was not pretty and I was knocked back down on my butt very quickly.  This weight loss thing is so fragile that we need to gently respect everyones process. I try to be mindful of this when I watch that show.

I got a load of groceries at Sam’s Club today. I have to be very careful how I spent my money there, I am on a budget, and it seems you can drop a few hundred dollars in no time. My friend Teresa won’t let her husband go there without a chaperone because he spends too much money if he goes alone.

But I like to load up on water, I know it’s kinda bad for the environment and probably the same as the tap from my faucet at home, but bottles water is kind of a luxury for me. It feels special, and I seem to drink more water that way. I really try, and usually manage to get 72 ounces in everyday. (I pee a lot)

I got a lot of fresh produce, frozen skinless, boneless chicken breast. paper products, and a few other things. I like to buy hamburger patties as well, if I buy a pound of ground beef, I make my burgers too big, and it’s just a better way to be portion controlled.

I spent the rest of the afternoon washing, chopping and bagging up the produce. It takes a few hours, but you do it once, and it’s ready for you when you need to make something. You are much more likely to make something healthy, and if you use it, it won’t rot in the fridge. At this point I can not afford to waste food.

Last year this time I would have never been able to do all that in one afternoon. Even sitting on a stool, it was too much to work for a few hours that way. It truly is a miracle how our bodies respond to being cared for, and how we can gain back our endurance and strength with what and how much we eat. Food truly is medicine.

After I was finished, I stood in front of my fridge, and was amazed at how different a full fridge looks today compared to my fridge a year ago. Fresh produce, has replaced all the fatty deli meats, cheese, and big bags of chips. The freezer is full of frozen mixed veggies and fruit for smoothies. Chicken breasts have replaced the hot dogs, sausage, and other processed meats.

The point I want to make is, diets and diet recipes, and food hacks are like believing a Kleenex will cure a cold. It is our relationship with food that has to change. He (food) can not be the focus of your life anymore. If food is the best part of your day, then you are missing out on life, like I did for so many years. I can not get those years back. I can only learn from them. Food should not be the soft place we run to, a hobby or something we automatically do when we get bored. it’s not a substitute for our fear of getting out there and experience life or trying something new.FullSizeRender 26 Surfing the internet for hours for recipes and posting them on Facebook is a waste of precious time in our lives, when there is so much great literature out there!  Our kitchens are not our sanctuaries!  I’m not preaching as much as I am reminding myself of this. Old habits are hard to break. But, can be broken.

Have a great day everyone! Drink your water and eat something GREEN!




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