Happy Valentines Day!



I love Valentines Day! When I had a beauty shop, I would make a kissing Booth out of the front desk, with crepe paper streamers and Valentine Hearts.My Mom loved Valentines Day, she always gave me a gift, and made a fuss. I miss that so much. But I am so grateful for the memories, and I still feel the love, even though she has passed away.

I got a secret Valentine today. I actually have a good clue who it is from. A close friend who has remembered me on this day for years and years. It means so much to me.

I was holding my breath today, wondering if he was going to remember. I would be OK if he had not. I do not need the validation to realize I am cared about. But I really love getting Valentines.

Today I am my own Valentine. I am going to honor myself today by staying on track with my food, and keeping up my progress. Who knows maybe next Valentines Day I will have someone special in my life. But that is not my motivation for self-care, like it use to be. I know my life has a purpose, and getting healthy will enable me to execute that purpose. My paradigm  has shifted greatly. I no longer need outside validation. I know I am valued and loved at any size.

I have had 4 nights in row without sneaking out into the kitchen for a snack. I use to track my snacks on the next day on MFP. It has been nice to wake up with a clean slate. There is a confidence that grows from keeping your word to yourself. I know this is still the honeymoon phase of this new challenge, and I do not dare look too far ahead or get over-confident. losing weight and combating food challenges is a fragile thing. But I am grateful for 4 days.

Hope your Valentines Day is special!



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