The Cost of Eating Healthy

I read recently a post on Facebook regarding the price of groceries these days. And how expensive it is to eat heathy. There is no doubt that grocery prices are sky rocketing. A basket of beautiful berries0715756200020_CF_hyvee_default_large at my grocery store can often be over $3 in season! A pound of grapes can often be over $6! It’s hard to spend that much at the grocery store on food.

I remember a time when my fast food addiction was well over $10 or even $20 a day. It’s not cheap to eat at McDonalds. Even the dollar menu is expensive. At 500 pus pounds, believe me one, $1 burger did not fill me up, I needed at least 2, with fries and a drink, and maybe ice cream as well.0000000040220_CL_hyvee_default_large I would drive through Starbucks or anyplace for a large Latte, plus a scone or muffin and it costing $6 to $7 bucks. That’s not a whole breakfast, that’s just coffee and a muffin. These are the secrets I am not proud of. But I know many of you can identify.

So with that in mind, that $6 pound of fresh green grapes is a bargain.  And since I am not eating as much these days, my food last much longer. I can get a good 4 portions out of one pound of grapes.

McDonalds prices, this is an example of how much fast food cost.

McDonalds prices, this is an example of how much fast food cost. Click on picture to enlarge.

(I like to wash, pluck off stems, put in individual freezer bags and eat them as a frozen snack) A pound of lean ground beef at $5 a pound is 4 meals. I am actually eating better and much cheaper. It is not self indulgent to spend money on whole, healthy food.

I have also been thinking about when I started getting serious about losing weight, about this time last year. The thought of coming this far in less than a year seemed like an impossible task. I did not know how I was going to do it. I knew at over 500 pounds I had to just start eating less. Which meant, because I was not very mobile, I had to spend a whole year, white knuckling it. I spent the last year pretty much laying in bed and in front of the TV or on the internet, watching my calories very close. That was my full time job. You do not burn many calories laying around, thats how the pounds escalated to this point in the first place. Now I had to do it without my friend food, which was the only thing I had to look forward to in my day. I had to emotionally disconnect with my best friend, food. The biggest part of my day was what I was eating. Now I had to give that up. But I do not have the luxury of just quitting, like a drug addict, I had to figure a way to limit it. Thats like putting a 12 pack of beer in the fridge, and telling the drunk they could only have 1 beer a day. It seemed impossible.

But sometimes our dreams turn into reality, if we just take one step. The thing it takes before that first step is to be complete honestly with myself. Look at things about me I never looked at or owned. Character flaws I did not even know were there. I had to walk out of that shame and take a risk at humiliating myself, and possibly failing. And that I did. I still failed. But the difference is I kept getting up. But that’s still not enough. You have to own what knocked you down, and find a way to stop it from happening over again. instead of blaming my inability or some outside excuse, I examine why I stumbled, and I refine along the way. It’s important when we finally decide to take that journey, that we keep refining our commitment. A saw does not stay sharpened when used, it has to be sharpened. And the more we use it, the more sharpening it needs.  Because few, if any, straight shoot this weight loss thing to the very end. Well, in fact, there is no end. Only continual process until the day we get to Glory. I know it sounds discouraging, but that’s why we have to enjoy the process. Do what is attainable for a lifetime.

This perspective has been a huge life lesson for me. I have found out things about myself that I did not notice, and now that I have, they seem so obvious. I also recognize it instantly when I see my old behavior and attitudes in others. I have to remind myself when I do see this, to be as gentle and kind to others like I would want to be to myself. At first I wanted to change everyone around me and point out my old flaws that  I saw in them. That backfired, I came off as judgmental, and hurt some people I really love. I need to take this moment, to say I am so sorry to anyone who may be reading this that I did that too. Please forgive me? The most effective way to spread hope to someone, is to be a loving example. Stay approachable, and respect their process and timing to find their own awarenesses. Keep taking care of myself, and keep my own side of the street clean. I am not above anyone just because of the progress I have made. That kind of arrogance will kill off my own progress. This is not a competition. This journey of mine, is deeply fragile. I have seen people who have lost hundreds of pounds, myself included, gain it all back in a heartbeat. Once I become over confident or take a break, I start to spiral downward.

So my question to you today is, what is the price you are willing to pay to improve your own health?

Blessings to all of you!



Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog. I am a Baby Boomer from Nebraska blogging my way to good health. I am single, with no children, I have a little white maltese dog named Lily. Follow my journey to lose 1 pound 300 times.

8 thoughts on “The Cost of Eating Healthy

  1. sue wikstrom

    you have been an inspiration to me… starting again is AWESOME…..WE are going to win this battle and enjoy success.

  2. Linda Campbell

    Again your TRUTH inspires through intense honesty. Your writing captivates and takes one on a deeply intimate journey of someone who has traveled much further into their soul than most. You are amazing. You have a book in you Kathy

    • Kathleen

      Thanks Linda! I do want to write a book, and I will! Its worth sharing the intimate pieces of my journey to health if it gives hope. Love you!

  3. Tessie

    Hi, Kathy,

    I really enjoy your blog. I think you are doing a great job, and I know that you will reach your goals.

    Your post today reminded me of a great story I read a few years ago. I really admire this gentlemen. He didn’t let anything stop him, either! He was going through some tough financial times, but he still took his commitment to better health so seriously he found a great way to lose the weight.

    I have told a lot of people about this inspiring man’s story, when they tell me they really want to lose weight, but they can’t because the can’t afford healthy food, or a gym membership or Jenny Craig… get the picture. Mostly, they just say, “That’s nice, but it wouldn’t work for me because I am a SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE.” OK.

    Well, I think you can appreciate his story. He is very inspiring, like you.

    PS I have a good time being cheap. Ahem. I mean “frugal”. And one of my favorite things to eat are beans. Super cheap, and super yummy. I eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All different kinds! I love to buy them in bulk (cause I really don’t care for grocery shopping). I also eat oatmeal, and sweet potatoes, and eggs, and lots of fruits and vegetables (I like all fruits and veggies except radishes and okra. Yuk!). I’m not on a diet, but by eating this way, oh, probably 80% of the time (I like Taco Bell and IHOP and ice cream!) I am able to maintain a healthy weight. I am an average, middle-aged housewife, nothing special, not super-fit and skinny, no super-metabolism, but it really seems to help me to be healthy by eating “lower down on the food chain”. Also, when it comes to meat my motto is “2 legs and under”. Plus, I’m not a super big meat fan anyway. I’m good with poultry and fish. This is a pretty frugal way to eat.

    I walk my sweet lab Annie everyday, do my housework, walk on my treadmill when I want to watch TV during the day (I don’t like sitting on the sofa during the day), go up and down the stairs 10 times every day, and also run 4-8 miles everyday I can (depending on my ankles. I sprain them a lot. Darn acorns!). So I like to be active, but nothing that costs me a fortune and they’re activities most people can do. I don’t belong to a gym. I think walking is the best exercise of all. But a few times when I have had really bad sprains I have done the “Sit and Be Fit” exercise program on PBS. It is for people with limited mobility and it is really great. I feel it is really important to keep moving! However much I can for as long as I can! When I can’t run, I walk, when I can’t walk, I do Sit and Be Fit. If I can’t do that I will be in big trouble, but as long as I’m alive I can do something. Even lift cans of beans (ha ha! Just kidding I don’t buy canned beans!). Well, you get the drift. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

    Ok, my lunch is over (big salad with a small box of raisins, 3 oz of chicken and 1 chopped up avocado). Better hit those stairs!

    • Kathleen

      Wow Tessie! You are an inspiration! thanks for sharing that. I love beans too, and make them often in my crock pot. Wish I could enjoy that salad with you, it sounds good! Blessings!

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