Just Keep Swimming!

355950e0cec386ce921be46385b812b3 How many times have I restarted a new diet? It has to be in the thousands! I find a new diet, or plan, buy a new planner, make a grocery list. I get all excited about starting a new plan and start on Monday. I enjoy the anticipation of getting started, the planning is almost a high. It gives a feeling of hope. A clean slate. All the planning makes me feel like I have control. The easiest thing about weight loss, is planning a new start. The internet is full of weight loss plans and ideas. There are books galore! People have for years profited from selling a new weight loss plan or diet. Some of them work, some don’t. But the thing that we get stuck in our heads is that a new start will bring us the results we want.

I love a new beginning. The only thing fun about starting a new school year for me was buying new school supplies and new shoes for school. But the proper kind of paper and pencils were not the things that gave me the good grades. That was achieved from daily attending, and doing the work, even when I did not feel much like going.

I am not a champion dieter. I have had great success so far, but not because I am not perfect at it, or have some special will power that you don’t. I have some tough days. Days I don’t always make the best choices. I have plateaus that last painfully long. Sometimes I get discouraged. But the one thing I do that has made the difference this time is that I keep going. I do not rely on a new beginning, or a new plan to get me where I want to go. It’s the consistency that will get me there. I have failed, I will fail again, but I will not quit. Even on my worst days, there is always something I can do to move forward. I can drink a big glass of water, I can write in my blog, I can reach out to one of my weight loss buddies. I promise you, even on the worst days I have, I can always find something good to do. This is how I gain momentum.

Constantly starting over is like spinning my wheels. In fact, it’s often a way I use to delay doing the work. I am the queen of starting over. But I have started my last diet. I have mastered the art of new beginnings. I have enough diet books and food journals to last a lifetime. There is always something healthy to eat that is available. I don’t have to start over when I get to the grocery store, or wait to get paid to buy the proper food. In fact sometimes that creates more obsticals. I tend to over buy special food, that is low calorie, low fat, or sugar free. When what I really need to do is eat normal healthy one ingredient food. this may work for others, but I am a volume eater, and a one inch by one inch 90 calorie fiber one bar does not satisfy me. And frankly those special diet foods do not fit into my budget very well., they are expensive.  I would much rather spend that $3 on a fresh pineapple, cantaloupe, or some fresh Honey Crisp apples. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great low calorie products that I do use ocasionaly. I just have to watch my compulsive nature. I have eaten a whole box of Fiber one lemon bars in one day. I’ve also eaten a whole cantaloupe in one day. Same price, at the store, but the lemon bars were bigger price to pay once I got it home and binged.

The real success is to keep going. one foot in front of the other no matter how little or how big. Just doing something. It’s time to complete the journey instead of starting one. Although this journey will never be finished, it is a ride, that last a lifetime. But I am staying on this bus. Me and my fellow bozo’s are fine as long as we stay on the bus and have each other. This is how we have success.

In the world of gardening, there are perennials and annuals. Annuals perform their entire life cycle from seed to flower within a single growing season.annualsAll roots, stems and leaves of the plant die annually.

Perennials are plants that persist for many growing seasons. They stay consistent, root deep, and last for many many years sometimes a lifetime. Be a Perennial not an annual.



Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog. I am a Baby Boomer from Nebraska blogging my way to good health. I am single, with no children, I have a little white maltese dog named Lily. Follow my journey to lose 1 pound 300 times.

One thought on “Just Keep Swimming!

  1. Excellent post, full of hard won wisdom.
    I think it’s that “daily” stuff that we sometimes interpret as boring, humdrum, tiresome. Occasionally mountaintop experiences that are wonderful, then back to the dailies.

    In a way, isn’t this like life? The daily, every day life, with some wonderful highs and those occasional awful lows thrown in??

    I’m with ya: never quit. No matter what.

    I think I’ll be a perennial Sunflower. They take longer to bloom than the annual variety, taking 2 years to bloom. And they grow slower. But, they are permanent.

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