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I go on a lot of weight loss groups on Facebook. My favorite being the group I get to co-facilitate with my friends Sean and Gerri. But one that I read occasionally, a woman posted how she needed to lose 200 pounds and had lost 36 pounds and could not tell a difference. That can be terribly discouraging, I know because I have been there.

When I started this weight loss journey last April at 537 pounds it seemed like an impossible task. I lost the first 50 pretty quickly, but I could not tell a single difference visually or how I felt. If I was going to measure my success by how I looked or the compliments I got, I would have just given up.

In a world that spins itself on instant gratification, weight loss can really take every ounce of patience you may have. We complain if we have to wait over 3 minutes for our fast food at the drive through. Our computers get faster and faster. We use to use film to take pictures and have to take it in and wait for a few days to get our pictures back. Now we see them instantly, the moment we take them. I grew up before microwaves were invented, so even left overs had to be heated in the oven or in a pan on the stove. Houses are built in weeks and months instead of years. No more pounding each nail in one at a time with a hammer. Think about it! We wait for nothing.

I believe this is a contributor to the obesity epidemic these days. No one is use to taking the time to get what is truly valuable. We want pills, or surgeries that will solve the problem quick. Weight loss surgery was not an option I wanted to take, but those who have will tell you it’s no short cut or easy way to lose weight.

But when we take the time to do something right, and patiently work through it, well, that is when the true miracles happen.  Michelangelo began work on the ceiling in July 1508. The completed frescoes were unveiled in October 1512. he worked everyday sun up until sun down for 4 years on the creation painting. that takes true commitment and perseverance.

I am finally under 400 pounds, I now weigh 393. It seems like it will take forever. Even though I am losing at a pretty good pace. But this will change my life completely. I will be self sufficient once again, and really live my life again. I am so grateful for a second chance at living. I am grateful I did not try to take a short cut and add more stress on my already abused body. But losing this amount of weight is not for weenies. It takes a complete turn around in your perspective of food, and believing in something that seems totally impossible. And honestly, had I not bottomed out, I do not think I could have done this. I had to be so miserable that the ONLY way out was to quit eating so much or simply die. I did not have a husband, friend or family members that kept me from becoming desperate to lose weight because I could only depend on myself. No safety net here. I had to hit bottom and bounce around down there all alone in the darkness before I came to my senses.

But once you get going, and get a rhythm going, it becomes clear, and you never want to go back. I think I had to get some distance from my desperation to really see how bad of shape I was really in. I was bouncing around the bottom so hard I really did not see how close to death I was. But you don’t have to do it alone. it’s amazing how the support comes naturally as you keep putting one foot in front of the other.

We have only a few spots left in our weight loss group. The cost is $120 for an 8 week season. That breaks down to about $15 a week. I easily ate 2 maybe 3 times that a week in fast food alone. Here is the info if you are interested, and a recording of part of our free seminar we held last Wednesday. Take care everyone!

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Don’t Diet weight loss group with Sean, Gerri and Kathleen    <——- click on the link to sign up


Recording of our free conference call, Sean, Gerri and Kathleen’s stories, plus testimonials from members.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog. I am a Baby Boomer from Nebraska blogging my way to good health. I am single, with no children, I have a little white maltese dog named Lily. Follow my journey to lose 1 pound 300 times.

One thought on “Instant Gratification

  1. “But losing this amount of weight is not for weenies. It takes a complete turn around in your perspective of food, and believing in something that seems totally impossible.”

    What a wonderful post, Kathleen. It is so obvious that this is written from the heart of someone who is living it, not from some theory.

    Makes me think of the race horses who are given blinders at the start of a race. The race is hard, grueling, takes power and strength and determination, and I’ve read of horses that had such heart. But the blinders helped block out distractions, temptations, interruptions, etc. To keep us (me) from getting caught up and slowed down along the way.

    I have a long way to go, too, still. So related to this post, and the urge for instant gratification. Patience… yeah, I really have to work at that.

    The support group mentioned above: anyone reading this please know, THIS is the group that got me UNstuck from a 3 year stick. I am losing again, and the support, encouragement and guidance from this group has made all the difference. It truly has made that much difference.

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